Hachid Device:

  • Depth sensor.
  • Mounted overhead.
  • Counting & tracking people.
  • Connect to server via a local ad-hoc network.
  • Only number need to be sent.
  • Local computing platform.
  • Detects the directions of people.
  • Current accuracy is > 90%.
Hachid was tested during the last 2 years in the holy mosque

Problem and Solution

Problem: Security and crowd control.
Solution:A device that accurately counting and tracking people in dense crowd.

We address a pressing logistics challenge in today’s modern age: Large congregations of people are there for the Holy pilgrimages or civil events; it’s hard to count by any means.

Our solution employs a unique combination of a small and low-power computational unit and a depth sensor. Our custom-made and proprietary software then processes the sensor readout and aggregates it into a simple number – completely anonymous, low bandwidth, and in exactly the position where this information is needed. A lightweight server then collects the data from our devices using wireless communication and presents the aggregated information to our customers. Our technology achieves accuracy ratings over 95%, leaving competitors based on traditional RGB cameras far behind (±70%).

Our system has high accuracy

Standard Camera Recognition
Previous approach
Standard Camera + Recognition: 30% Inaccuracy
Our approach
Our approach
Depth sensor, mounted overhead,counting people
Advantage: depth , color , reliable and accurate.
Our Device
  • 25 cm x 10cm x 6 cm.
  • Mounted overhead.
  • Uses WiFi.
  • Connect to server via a local ad-hoc network.
  • Embedded computing platform.
  • DVI-D connection for visualization.
  • Hachid device

    Hachid was tested in the 4 seasons during the last 2 years.It was tested in the holy mosque in Mekkah.

    Hachid future Plan in Makkah

    Hachid device
    Hachid device

    Hachid future Plan in Madinah