Hachid's Future Plan in Madinah

Hachid proposes to install a total number of 110 sensors on open doors of the Prophet’s (pbuh) Mosque in Madinah, which will cover the 42 outer doors of the Prophet’s (pbuh) Mosque. The installation will be complete with infrastructure (4G-to-wireless routers, servers).

What We Offer of services

After installation, crowd flow and visitor counts will be processed in the months of Rajab, 1436 through Muharram 1437 (expected time period from 20th of April 2015 through 13th of Nov. 2015). Hachid will provide reports with detailed crowd information to the Office of H.E. the Secretary General of the Madinah Development authority.

This project will be complemented by hachid’s Diamond-level service offering extensive phone support and highly responsive maintenance if needed. The Office of H.E. the secretary general of the Madinah Development Authority in turn agrees to offer hachid access to the installed devices upon request and for documented installation and maintenance purposes.

The data gathered during this project shall be accessible to hachid confidentially and completely anonymous and for processing purposes only. All data shall become the property of the Office of H.E. the secretary general of the Madinah Development Authority, both in digital form as well as in form of printed reports. Hardware shall remain the property of hachid and will be disassembled at the end of the project. This does not preclude an extension of the partnership or future contracts.

Our Future Plan
Our Service Plan in Madinah


Why Choose Us

  • Local computing platform
  • Connect to server via a local ad-hoc network
  • Only number need to be sent
  • Detects the directions of people